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i think i saw my inner child on the side of a milk-carton

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30 days of night, adult swim, al green, alan moore, alfonso cuarón, alfred hitchcock, anti-folk, archeology, bacon, belle and sebastian, booker t jones, burning man, c64, chuck palahniuk, cindy sherman, cocktails, comic books, computer games, cop shoot cop, dave chappelle, david mitchell, death cab for cutie, douglas coupland, dylan thomas, e.e. cummings, einsturzende neubauten, electro, elliott smith, elvis costello, ernest hemingway, feist, fight club, four tet, frank miller, front 242, gabriel garcia marquez, ghost world, glitch, graffiti, haruki murakami, husker du, j.g. ballard, j.m. coetzee, john hughes films, john mills, jose saramago, karaoke, mad men, marvin gaye, micah p. hinson, mother love bone, motown, mudhoney, mum, my name is earl, nan goldin, near dark, nick cave, nick hornby, otis redding, photography, portland or, preacher, punk, pushing daisies, quoting chomsky, radiohead, raymond carver, raymond chandler, road trips, rock band, rocket from the tombs, ruins, rushmore, sam and dave, sigur ros, simian mobile disco, simon and garfunkel, singstar, snowboarding, son house, soulwax, stax, stiff little fingers, strangers in paradise, t.s. eliot, techno, the breeders, the clash, the coen brothers, the dales, the damned, the dead kennedys, the invisibles, the kills, the mc5, the melvins, the minutemen, the pixies, the ramones, the rolling stones, the royal tennenbaums, the seaside, the undertones, the wonder of cheese, thomas paine, tinkering, to kill a mockingbird, tom waits, transmetropolitan, urban exploring, warren ellis, whiskey, william h. auden, wilson picket, yeah yeah yeahs, yves klein